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Brew Session – 2017-07-29

This is another after-the-fact log.

It was finally time to do the Imperial Pumpkin Ale. This one was a bit of a mess, because I made some arbitrary decisions that changed up my standard procedures. Efficiency went down the toilet as a result, and I ended up having to add over 2 1/2 pounds of DME to the boil kettle to hit the pre-boil gravity. Everything else went very smoothly, so in the end it should result in a drinkable beer.

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Brew Session – 2017-07-08

This entry is outside what will be the norm, because it’s so long after the fact. Future session notes will be done within a day or two.

Brewing Dr. Mark’s Kryptonite is always a treat. I first concocted this back in 2013 as an experiment to see how far I could go with the hop additions without destroying the balance of malt and bitterness. I also wanted to find a good balance between the (to me) cloying nature of the citrus hops and the piney resin that I love. That first batch was so successful that my brother proclaimed it “better than Pliney” and proceeded to drink himself into oblivion. I have to admit that I’ve done the same on more than one occasion.

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Imperial Pumpkin Ale

I stumbled across Weyerbacher’s Imperial Pumpkin Ale several years ago, and loved it. After quite a bit of digging I found a clone recipe, supposedly based off of information given from the brewmaster himself. Take that with a grain of salt. I’ve been wanting to brew this ever since, and I finally got the chance a couple weeks ago. I had to substitute for a couple equivalent grains due to availability, and while I doubt this is going to be a clone, the sample tasted very promising as I stared the crash cooling.

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