Brew Session – 2017-07-29

This is another after-the-fact log.

It was finally time to do the Imperial Pumpkin Ale. This one was a bit of a mess, because I made some arbitrary decisions that changed up my standard procedures. Efficiency went down the toilet as a result, and I ended up having to add over 2 1/2 pounds of DME to the boil kettle to hit the pre-boil gravity. Everything else went very smoothly, so in the end it should result in a drinkable beer.

Fermentation was at ambient basement temperatures, because I didn’t want to screw with the DIPA in the keezer. I’m still looking for a dorm fridge to tear apart for a fermentation chamber. Even so, after two weeks the gravity is right where it’s supposed to be, and it’s currently in the keezer chilling down for the gelatin addition. The sample taken yesterday was pretty tasty. I should be able to post some pictures and tasting notes by next weekend.

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