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Oh yeah...

I spent so much time setting it up, I forgot to mention it. I created a store to sell the ZIFduino at Only two boards have sold so far, but I haven't advertised at all. A naked board sold to the person I assume is running the Fundamental Logic store. They make a teeny tiny version of the Arduino. Whether it's to put it to use, curiosity or checking out the competition, they never got back to me to let me know.

A full kit sold to a rocketeer who goes by Tweeks. He'll be using it for programming chips to handle telemetry and and ejection controller in his rockets. Sounds pretty damn cool. He put together a great instruction page at

Our beloved Radio Shack

I'm fairly serious when I mention I'm tempted to open my own shop. I walked into Radio Shack today and started digging around their woefully inadequate parts section when one of their staff came up and asked if they could help me find something.

Me: "Yeah, I'm looking for a 16 MHz crystal. Where would I find that?"

Them: "That's the thing that makes those radio scanners work, right? No, we don't carry that old stuff any more."

Me: "..."

They did, however, have green LEDs for a buck fifty each. To put things in perspective, the Jameco price is currently $0.088. Eight point eight pennies. Buy a hundred and you knock off a penny each.

100 green LEDs at Radio Shack: $150
100 green LEDs at Jameco: $7.80 + probably about $5 shipping.


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